Many individuals claiming to have seen Reptoids also report that they saw human scientists and/or military personnel present at the scene of their encounter. These experiencer observations indicate that at least one or two rogue or sanctioned intelligence groups are acting in unison with the Reptilian-Humanoid culture.

Since most black budget scientific-military projects are conducted from hidden, subterranean command centers, it makes research sense to cross reference Reptoid sightings with known or suspected secret underground scientific-military installations. 

This is why, for many years,  the Reptoids Research Center has been promoting public awareness of Reptilian-Humanoid (Reptoid) cryptids, underground tunnels, advanced tunneling technologies, and secret  corporate-military underground bases.

Government whistleblowers and retired military personnel have publicly stated that during their employment they observed that our government has a massive network of tunnels, with super velocity trains,  linking secret underground bases. (Thomas Castello, the former Dulce Base security officer, reported to an associate that Dulce had a tube-shuttle station linked to several other secret underground bases.)  

At first hearing, these statements seem too far-out to be true. We've all seen television shows about tunnels and they always show how expensive, dangerous, and disastrous near-surface tunnel construction can be. So, obviously an undertaking such as constructing a massive, sci-fi-like  network of underground tunnels would take too much money and hundreds of years to build! NOT SO, say scientists! 

In 1972, Robert M. Salter, lead scientist with the Rand Corporation, announced during an interview with LA Times science writer George Getz, that a high speed system could be built using existing (1972) technologies. He also stated that the system should be built for environmental and economic reasons. What kind of speeds was he talking about? Try 10,000 MPH!  (Read this June 11, 1972 LA Times article).

On August 2nd, 1972, Salter wrote Rand document P-4874. The publication was titled, "The Very High Speed Transit [VHST] System." The 17-page report detailed the technologies involved, possible attained speeds, aspects of economic and security benefits, and potential routes. This document reported achievable passenger speeds at 14,000  MPH!  

By 1978, this proposal grew in dimension and attracted serious consideration by Continuity of Government officials, intelligence departments and U.S. military command. That February, Robert Salter submitted report number P-6092, titled, "Trans-Planetary Subway Systems: A Burgeoning Capability." This report updated route maps and extrapolated further upon the economic and technical considerations in planning the system.

Even though the National Geographic, History and Sci-Fi channels have programs exposing the underground cities of ancient civilizations (and storage companies), only our imaginations can provide insight into how extensive a national security network of tunnels might be if the Black Operations World (BOW) were given the green light to begin construction.

By using conventional 'rock drilling' Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), it would take decades to complete. Whereas using the more advanced TBMs, developed by Los Alamos Labs,  the construction costs would have been sharply reduced, the time required to build tunnels lessened, and the inherent dangers of loose rock tunneling avoided. (see the actual Los Alamos patents 1, 2, 3). 

According to numerous eyewitnesses and former government employees, the system already exists and is currently being used by the Shadow government, their black ops forces, plus favored corporate entities.


There are many reasons, including: If surface humanity were to encounter a serious extraterrestrial threat, natural or alien, it would be better to have relocated transportation systems underground to maintain operations and continuity of the government; the threat of terrorist attacks on the national transportation infrastructure would be minimized; surface CO2 emissions would be greatly reduced.

Can we afford not to make this move? 


For further information regarding Robert M Salter Rand documents, click here.

Note: The Reptoids Research Center will not intentionally expose the exact location of secret underground installations. There are rational reasons for secrecy sometimes and we do not want to encourage trespassing or wilderness hikes by unskilled explorers who are looking to verify their suspicions.