No matter what your level of exposure is to the reptilian aspect the UFO phenomenon,  The Reptilian-Human Connection is worthwhile intellectual exploration into reptilian-humanoids, occult symbolism, hidden history, and native spirituality.  Enjoy!

By: John Rhodes


My name is John Rhodes and I am a researcher, explorer and lecturer in the realms of ufology, occulted archaeology and metaphysics. In this report, I will be providing you with compelling evidence, gathered over many years of research, as to our genealogical connections with the overlord reptilian alien race and the occulted historical archaeology that clearly demonstrates that these reptilian beings have coexisted on this planet Earth with us for thousands of years prior to our current era.

The reason that I place an emphasis on archaeology and metaphysics is because, in my opinion, they are the key elements to unlocking the secrets of the UFO phenomenon that surrounds us all in these trying times of ours. The result of the research that I am about to provide to you is not compiled by myself alone. These theories those of individuals, like myself, that have endured immense difficulties and danger in order to unveil that which has been hidden from the public for many, many years. These individuals remain unknown at present due to reasons of survival, however, it is not only our duty, but it is time to unveil this information for all to hear, see and contemplate upon, for we are about to shift our shared reality.

Today, we are all witnessing a simultaneous deterioration of geopolitical and geological stability, increase of UFO abduction related phenomenon and a rapidly changing climatological environment. The psychological pressure associated with these shifts in reality is compounded by the fact that many believe that we are experiencing the unfolding of prophecies handed down to us by generations passed.

We have all been told through the prophecies of many religions and cultures around the world that our generation will witness the unveiling or the "revelation" of the true reality in which we live. Our species is struggling with impeding global disaster brought upon us by natural and man made causes, thus we find ourselves desperately reaching into the shadows for answers. I believe that this is no more evident than in our interest in "New Age."

The information that "New Age" is founded upon is not new at all. Long ago, secret societies made every effort to remove the truly powerful esoteric knowledge from public libraries so they could drunkenly abuse and use it to dominate Earth's inhabitants. Many of the sacred mysteries that enable one to attain their true source of inner power have existed here in on the American continent for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years. UFOs, alien beings, cosmic cycles, atomic manifestation and other "mysterious phenomenon" still survive within the legend, myth and lore of the red race of beings known as the American Indian.

By studying these stories and those of other ancient civilizations, we can translate the truth into modern day linguistics and expand our view of the reality in which we belong. Archaic wisdom transforms our spiritual link with corporeal matter. The words may change and the cryptic way in which brotherhoods have passed down secrets may have become more difficult to decipher, but "the truth is out there" for us to discover . . . if you want it.

I do not question whether or not aliens or their craft are here on our planet. After all, historical documentation, video tapes, abduction cases, leaked government information and numerous other data confirm their existence. The most important question, in my opinion, happens to be "Who are the main players?" and "How do we fit into the 'big' plan?"

Throughout the history of extraterrestrial contact, many different types of alien beings have reportedly stated that they are not able to interfere to any great extent with human beings or their affairs. If this is true, then why are we receiving an increasingly larger number of abduction and contactee reports that repeatedly describe two types of intelligent life forms, those of the Grey and Reptilian aliens? Why do they have exclusive rights to interfere with our species when other alien beings do not?

If interaction between these beings and our own species has been occurring throughout history, as legend and myth would have us believe, then where is the supporting evidence as to their existence. Where are they from and why are they so interested in us? Before we proceed further, lets answer the questions as to who these beings are and where the historical connections are that reveal their presence.



According to the ancient writings and petroglyphs of the area of our Earth considered to be the cradle of humanity, namely Mesopotamia or Iraq, there existed a god like race of beings that ruled over a region of the Tigris-Euphrates river valley known as Sumeria. This society apparently flourished around 3500 B.C. and was remarkably advanced in their culture. According to their sand pitted records, their rulers or "gods" were humanoid creatures of extraterrestrial origin that descended in magical crafts, or rocket like ships. Their image was cast into history in the form of reptilian-humanoid statuettes that over fired to a green hue color.

The surviving clay tablets from this area of the world declare that before Homosapiens walked upon the Earth, these "gods" did much of their own manual labor. In order to achieve a higher standard of living, this nonhuman society genetically created a new form of life by mixing their own DNA with that of the evolutionary mammalian man or "Ape-Man." The successful results of this experiment yielded a new breed of worker class known as Homosapiens.

In the beginning, apparently, these god-like race of beings immensely enjoyed the benefit of having their slaves endure the hardships of manual labor. Excavation, farming, building and mining operations were the toil of this new born race. This labor, however, was not provided willingly. It was forced through the use of severe and ruthless governorship.

These, not so bright, beings suffered greatly under the firm rule of their strange looking gods and their misery did not go unnoticed by a few of the nonhuman masters. According to the Sumerian tablets, inside the god society, a conspiracy was brewing to free Homo sapiens from their bonds of slavery and teach them the spiritual and scientific knowledge necessary to uplift their essence to a god-like stature. Apparently, the name of this rebellious reptilian being leader was Enlil or Ea.



The Sumerian tablets tell us that the rebel God called Ea was the extraterrestrial being that controlled the genetic creation of Homosapiens in abeyance to the instructions of his superiors. After his involvement with the original genetic experiment, his compassion for the plight of the slave race shifted his role as a genetic engineer to that of a freedom fighter. It is also related that Eaís headquarters was in a swamp like area he called "Snake Marsh" because it was also a den to many reptiles or snakes. In other words, the first fight for freedom took place in an area known as Ea-Den.

It's an interesting point that, according to Biblical text, a snake or "reptilian" not only seduced Eve, the first female caretaker of the garden, away from the arms of Adam, but also gave them knowledge in a beautiful garden called E-DEN. We are also told that this was done against the wishes of his superior and, as punishment for this treasonous act, the progressive reptilian and his cohorts were ordered to remain underground, within the vast cavern systems of the earth. Along with this punishment, it was ruled that the reptilian was to never interfere with humans again and that their generations will not only not know of each other, but will learn to hate each other. This last declaration was initiated by changing the name of the reptilian being from "Lucifer" which literally means the bringer of light or knowledge to "Satan" or adversary. The Sumerian texts also relate a somewhat similar fate for the reptilian being called Ea.

The teachings of the reptilian Ea, thereafter referred to as the esoteric mysticism of the snake brotherhood, caused a major shift in the perceptions of reality for the early Homosapiens. It is in the assorted descriptions of this turning point in human evolution that we get our first glimpse as to what these advanced beings actually looked like in comparison to our own physical characteristics.



For the sake of mental focus, the following example is taken primarily from the Christian Bibles Book of Genesis. Itís deeply rooted symbolism is thought, by some people, to be a compilation of occulted Genesis legend or physical beginnings from all spiritual beings around the world. This is important to remember because one must be aware of the fact that I am in no way attempting to push anyone religion in this presentation. The historical description of reptilian beings having had a monumental influence on human evolution can be seen in the multi cultural symbolism and myth surrounding the tree of knowledge.

The symbolical tree of knowledge, the Palm tree in Ea-Den, is depicted as having a trunk around which a half-man, half-snake being is entwined. It is from this tree that the rebellious reptilian taught the human, Eve. As the information was absorbed by Eve and hence passed onto Adam, their perceptions of awareness and reality quickly shifted, rendering the two in a severe state of shock and fear (thus, it is said that a person who is totally unaware of the reality in which they live, resides in an "Edenic state"). The legend explains that, soon thereafter, they both ran from the voice of God, not because they had their first sexual relationship with each other or that they were shy of their nakedness, it was because they were suddenly aware that there was a profound physical difference between the Gods and themselves. The reptilians had scales covering their bodies as a form of protection from the elements and the Homosapiens suddenly realized that they didn't. Until this time, the Homo sapiens had no conception that they were in any way physically different from their reptilian counterparts. They had finally leapt from their childlike ignorance of their situation into to the realization that they were intended, by design, to be tillers of the field and slaves to the other reptilian overlords.

Years later other messengers also arrived upon the scene and, once again, attempting to free mankind from the bondage of slavery by teaching spiritual and magical knowledge. They also were punished severely by the rulers of the population. One difference was, however, that instead of being labeled "Satans" or adversaries, one was named Quetzalcoatl or "Feathered Snake" and the other the Savior Yashua, or Christ.

The symbolism of the tree of knowledge is not limited to the Christians, but it is also represented by the Banyan tree from under whose branches the East Indian God Krishna sat upon a coiled serpent and bestowed upon man spiritual knowledge. Another reptilian God whose death upon a crucifix was etched into stone was that of Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent god of the great Toltec and Aztec civilization. The wooden crucifix upon which those that endowed knowledge upon mankind are crucified represents, not only the sigil of the supreme God called the Tau or ankh, but the crucifix also represents the trunk and branches of the tree of knowledge. For their teachings, they were killed.

The remarkable fact is that throughout all ancient and modern civilizations, the serpent or dragon bestowing knowledge upon the human race figures prominently in all religions and histories. The Christian reptilian or "fallen angel" LUCIFER, the Mayan serpent God QUETZALCOATL, the enormous plumed serpent God of the Hopi Indians, BAHOLINKONGA, the East Indian mystical human like reptilians known as NAGAS, the Egyptian serpent God KNEPH, The Phoenicians AGATHODEMON and even the Hebrews NAKHUSHTAN or Brazen Serpent that led Moses and the Israelites through the desert by pillar of cloud and fire. These are but a few of the vast amount of records that exist world wide and describe their early gods as having reptilian-human like physical features as well as having descended from the heavens or stars.

From within the shadows and crevices of the earth their influence upon all mankind can be no more evident than when one considers the ancient British god who was considered "The Dragon-Ruler of the World." His subjects called him HU - thus we call ourselves Hu-Man!



One might ask that if these reptilians once openly roamed the Earth with Homosapiens, why aren't there any pieces of art that clearly depict them as bipedal snake gods? The answer to that may lay within one common religious law that most of these ancient cultures still adhere to, either by their own ignorance of the reptilians physical appearance or out of pure obedience, and that is the law that one is forbidden to make idols or drawings of anything that is in heaven.

The Hopi Indians to this day refuse to recreate the images of their reptilian ancestors because they fear an instant death.

The closest imagery that was ever allowed to remain was cryptically tucked away in the Hebrew or Christian works of the Books of Genesis and the Exodus.

As we have already gone over the symbolism of the reptilian in the cradle of humanity or Garden of Eden, it can only be said that we must remember that Lucifer was considered an angel who fell from the heavens. Yet we are told at the same time that he was a snake. And although Moses declared that his God said not to make idols or images to false Gods, he placed a snake upon his staff and proclaimed to his people that he who looks upon this image will be healed. This is the origination of the physiciansí caduceus. Could it be that late one evening, during a solitary walk outside the Israeliteís encampment, Moses had an encounter with one of these reptilian beings that were flying this pillar of smoke and fire? Could this have been the reason he considered this snake upon his staff a real image of God and not a false one? It makes one wonder.

Obviously, if these snake people or reptilians really did once openly live amongst the Homosapien population, they have gone to extreme extent not to be revealed since they went into hiding.

Could it be that part of the great Biblical Revelation prophecy is the unveiling of the reptilian presence on Earth?



We are now aware that numerous societies record, as the Sumerians did, that the reptilian half-man, half-snake empowered Hu-mans with the knowledge necessary to be free from the grips of their slave masters. But, what happened to the spiritually powerful knowledge that was given to us "gardeners of the planet" by the original reptilian Ea as his cohorts? After all, his plans were to free us from slavery, right? Well, some would say that we are still enslaved within a carefully constructed illusion. I would tend to agree. So, what happened? What has kept us from reaching our fullest potential?

Many of the individuals, in the course of written history, who have given the masses powerful information, whether it's political or spiritual, have had either their credibility destroyed or their bodies destroyed. Most of the times it's both. If the information has taken root before it can be erased, then history has demonstrated that newly founded "insurgence" groups or movements are quickly infiltrated by the opposition and allowed to flourish under the guidance of their own secret shadows. This is not only a premise by which groups struggle for control in affairs of war, secret societies and politics, but also the struggle of balance of power in religion. The mystical knowledge given to man by the snake brotherhood suffered under this same manipulation. For thousands of years, the high priests of religion encrypted the mystical knowledge that was passed onto the humans by the reptilian race and used that knowledge to control, manipulate and spiritually enslave those at the bottom of the pyramid.

Reptilian beings displayed both benevolent and evil characteristics at different times in history. They have taught peace, love, spirituality, healing and knowledge of the sciences and, as the Delaware Indians describe in their ancestral mythology, they have rained down destruction upon the Earth in the name of God. This is why various cultures recognize the reptilian image as effigies of the balance of nature. In other words . . . Good-Evil, Negative-Positive. It is, perhaps, not to far out to imagine that on some other planet or in some other dimension, the human figure might also symbolize both aspects of good and evil, positive and negative.

The symbolism and resemblances of each of these god-like beings from around the world is too similar to have been simple imaginary god-forms from totally unconnected parts of the planet. There had to be a more influential factor at work in ancient times, but what could it have been?

There are three explanations which could answer this puzzling question. One, primitive cave dwelling settlements around the world were naturally drawn to the reptilian image because they had somehow retained a genetic memory of their reptilian heritage. Two, highly advanced spiritual beings that had reptilian physical characteristics assimilated themselves into various social structures in order to influence the trend of spiritual progression. Three, all of the ancient civilizations sensed their genetic connections to the reptile AND reptilian beings influenced their spiritual evolution throughout history. I believe, that both influences were at work and I will expand on and prove my theory in just a few moments.

It is in this researcherís opinion that these records, when carefully and open mindedly studied, reflect a historical foundation upon which all modern day extraterrestrial contacts or abductions can be based. We have evolved as a species and our progression has been carefully monitored by the elusive reptilian race that live within the cavernous Earth itself.

If it is true that we are genetically descended from a mixture of ape man and a bipedal, intelligent reptilian species, then what evidence, other than legends and historical documentation supports our theory? Where lays the personal connection, the physical proof? To answer these questions, it is important to address a little known fact regarding the formation of the human embryo in the womb.



During the formative stages of intrauterine development, the fetus undergoes several different phases of genetically encoded evolution. Deep within the information pool of the gene, instructions are given to the forming cells to repeat the major evolutionary steps that link us to the non primate mammals, reptiles and fish before we finally reach the recognizable form of the human being. At one point, our primordial genetic information even creates gills for the embryo. These, of course, disappear as development continues. In the fourth week, the human embryo is remarkably similar to the embryos of birds, pigs and sheep and remains that way until the eighth week, then it takes on dissimilar physical characteristics.

In some cases of evolutionary throwback, as according to the Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics no. 27, the genetic chain of command sometimes forgets to continue onwards in their evolutionary reenactment, leaving some babies with actual tails. These "caudal appendages," as they are called, form at the lower lumbar area and are generally hairless. Although most of these cases are immediately attended to by surgeons in order to protect the families from adverse ridicule, in some third worlds countries where surgery is unavailable, the children quickly adapt to their tails and live out normal lives. It is interesting to note that in some of these cases the tail wags during moments of excitation.

Now that we have covered the fact that passing glimpses into our evolutionary heritage can be witnessed during the formation of our fetuses, we can proceed to discover which part of this re enactment was so pronounced that it permanently formed within us and provided our strongest primordial link.

One late evening I happened to be watching a television interview with Carl Sagan in which the audience members were asking him questions. When asked what he thought of the crop circle phenomenon, He replied, and I'll paraphrase here, "Don't you know that it has been proven that all of these, so-called crop circles, are hoaxes created by two gentlemen in England. They've admitted it." He went on to say that the media loves a UFO angle and that they purposely ignore the confessions of two older gentlemen in order to sensationalize. When I heard this, I thought that there's no way that a man as intelligent as he claims to be could be so blatantly ignorant, that is unless he is the mouth piece of the federal government. If that was the case, then it is only human nature to wonder what's in it for him.

It is in my opinion that the information about our genetic heritage and relationship with the reptilian alien beings that live on our planet was shared with Mr. Sagan as a gift for his expected continued secrecy and servitude to certain authorities within the federal government. Accompanying this "gift" of truth, I believe, was a promise of increased fame and fortune in return for his performing the duties of disinformation in regards to the flying saucer phenomenon this is why he has continually ridiculed anything that even hints of extraterrestrial contact. As long as he plays "their" game of information management, he will be allowed to release certain information in a very unobtrusive and cryptic fashion. All this, of course, was done under the watchful eyes of his superiors. Evidence of a portion of this "leak" is written within the pages of his book The Dragons of Eden in which "speculates" upon the evolution of human intelligence.

In Mr. Saganís aptly named book The Dragons of Eden, it is emphasized that in our search for the evolution of human intelligence, it is extremely important that we do not ignore the most ancient part of the human brain upon which all other segments are but additions. According to the neuroanatomist Paul MacLean, that ancient area of the "triune" brain, is driven by another prehistoric region that some neuroanatomist call the R-Complex or the Reptilian-Complex. It is called the R-Complex because we share this particular structure of the brain with reptiles.

Mr. Sagan carefully points out the fact that the human brain develops from the inside out, building itself atop the brain stem and in order of evolutionary sequence. First, the neural chassis, which regulates the heart, blood and respiration, is grown. After this has occurred, the R-complex, the area of the brain that is thought to house the most primordial intelligence, is developed. The limbic system and neocortex are later additions to this central core.

MacLean also states that the R-complex plays an important role in the aggressive behavior, territoriality, ritualism and establishment of social hierarchies. (which, by the way, are behavioral and social qualities that are frequently expressed by reptilian beings during abductions and contacts) Much or our own behavior as human beings is ruled by this archaic region of the brain, and as Mr. Sagan himself so eloquently phrases it . . .

"It does no good whatsoever to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, particularly our ritualistic and hierarchical behavior. On the contrary, the model may help us understand what human beings are all about."

Throughout The Dragons of Eden, one can find other subtle hints as to his true knowledge of our genetic connection with the reptilian beings that have played an important role in our species existence. He mentions how much of our behavior is even expressed in reptilian terms, such as "cold blooded" killer and that the common human sounds commanding silence or attracting attention being that of hissing snakes. These and other clues pervade his book right down to the M.C. Escher illustration of two reptilian iguanas floating in a three-dimensional Star of David in space.

Along with the fact that the pheromone of women and female iguanas are a chemical match(Omni, May 94), here lie the reasons why the reptilian beings are so interested in our genetic evolution. We are more physically and mentally connected to reptiles than previously understood, so their interest in us is justified when one realizes that we may be, as myth and legends have related, actual reptilian genetic offspring. This connection may now allow one to understand why the abductions and clinical experimentation on humans beings are being carried out by the elusive reptilian race. It may also be because some things never change, even since the days of Eden.

I cannot, however, complete this discussion about Carl Sagan without quoting a passage from his book for it truly brings forth that which Mr. Sagan has tried to hide between the lines.

G.K. Chesterton once wrote:

"You can free things from alien or accidental laws, but not from the laws of their own nature . . . Do not go about . . . encouraging triangles to break out of the prison of their three sides. If a triangle breaks out of its three sides, its life comes to a lamentable end."

(By the way, I find it somewhat bewildering that someone who understands the reptilian part of the brain so well is named Sagan, because his name spelled backwards is that of the mystical east Indian reptilian Gods, the-NAGAS!)



As reported in the beginning of this discussion, reptilians have coexisted on this planet with us since history began. And, as eluded to in Genesis, divisions of these reptilians remained behind in the cavernous regions of the Earth whilst the creators ventured outward across the face of the deep waters or space.

Legends from different parts of the globe all tell of underworld inhabited by mystical beings of varied forms. I believe that the reptilian races, consisting of both benevolent and evil beings, still reside to this day underground, hidden away in the dark crevices of the Earth and in the depths of the oceans. The evidence supporting this proclamation is also available through recent reports and historical documentation.

First, and most important, is our understanding that our own United States government has duped us to believe that the wonders of the universe lie beyond our reach. That our progress to understanding who and what we are as intelligent, life forms rest solely on the efforts of the inept workings of NASA, JPL and a myriad of other money sucking aerospace corporations. Almost fifty years of continued rat experiments outside the envelope of our planet and we are to believe that this is the ultimate pace of human exploration! This is absolutely not the case. Publicly viewed space exploration is nothing more that a magic show and, as most people realize, when the magician says to look at his right hand, his left is doing all the work. Such is the case with exploration. If you really want to get to see the big show, don't look above your head, look below your feet.

Investigation into the interior of the Earth began with map surveyors and explorers venturing out into unknown territory in order to chart the wilderness. Once in a while, they'd come across a cave or cavern and then descend into its depths to hopefully find treasures or artifacts. Once these hollowed out recesses of the Earth along the coastlines were discovered, their location was kept secret and certain groups of individuals purchased the properties. They used, and still use, their subterranean chambers for illegal activities, social gatherings or modes of concealed travel for reasons of their own. Some say that Washington, D.C. was purposely established above a huge catacomb, so certain Freemasonic fraternities and the like could utilize their hidden corridors while governing the nation. I believe that may have been the case.

Large oil interests modernized seismic technology and geological exploration with an ever increasing pace. Due to this wave of subsurface exploration, more and more artifacts were discovered that defied mainstream historical and explanation. As these artifacts were collected by USGS and Smithsonian Institution employees, they were concealed from the public, carefully studied by unknown entities within and outside of the Federal administration and then mysteriously lost.

As years wore on, more and more mystifying archaeological discoveries were made. Those who studied these artifacts were well aware of the fact that things were not as they appeared to be, so it must have been of little surprise to these scientists and archaeologists when Kenneth Arnold spotted his first UFO or flying

DINO-Saucer vehicle while flying his private airplane over Washington state June 24th, 1947.

It was also around this time that our government began to build a vast web bunker systems connected by tube shuttles. After all, they were now dealing with a highly advanced species that could wipe out a surface structure with no problem as well as a cold war threat with the former Soviet Union. Ensuring governmental survival was a priority. It was also around this time in history that underground nuclear testing was being performed for military and peaceful purposes. One such series of tests was called project Plowshare.



In the early 1960s, a subterranean nuclear blast occurred about 30 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico right off U.S. 64. This nuclear blast was conducted under the umbrella project Plowshare, and was named project Gassbuggy. It has recently been alleged that this particular subsurface nuclear blast was used to create a hollowed out chute or chimney for development of a substation for a super secret tunnel system attached to an underground black book project base known as Dulce Base.

According to Thomas Edwin Castello, a former Dulce Base security officer, this particular underworld city is a highly secret base operated by humans as well as reptilian aliens and their worker cast, the commonly encountered greys. It is here, apparently, that a multitude of experimentation projects are carried out. The projects are, apparently, primarily genetic in nature and are carried out either men, women or children that have been declared missing by authorities. There is a myriad of other specialty science projects taking place at Dulce base including, but not limited to, Atomic manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio wiretapping, the list goes on.

If it was true that this base existed long before human occupation, then it construction and layout may possibly tell us something about its original occupants, the reptilians. We know this because the sacred teachings of ancient metaphysics relate that imagery created by ritualistic and intelligent beings often contain information occulted in symbolism.

The Dulce base floor plan was illustrated, as per the originals by Thomas Castello, and released in 1994. When inspected carefully, itís layout appears to be extremely well planned.

From a vertical viewpoint, it resembles a wheel with a central hub and corridors radiating outwards like spokes. This "hub" is the focal point of the entire base. It is surrounded by central security and extends through all levels of the base. I believe this core to be the Achilles heel of the entire facility. It probably contains fiber optic communications and power lines. This would justify its highly guarded and central location as well as explain its vertical continuation through all levels. With all communication lines and power lines focused towards the hub, it is possible that any level could be completely "locked down" by its own security or the security hubs from either above or below its own level. This would provide maximum control over the entire facility.

The "spokes" or corridors radiating away from the central hub, lead to numerous other labs in five different directions. Connect the spokes and a pentagon is revealed in its design. From above, this base resembles the layout of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Complete with halls, walls and military insignias! Since we do not have the exact heading of its corridors, magnetic alignments are impossible to determine.

When viewed laterally, its appearance takes on the look of a tree with a trunk at its center and its floors extending outwards like the branches. If this is a facility of science, then one could easily say that its lateral appearance is like that of the tree of knowledge. Was this purposely designed this way or does it just happen to be a coincidence?

The overall design of this facility reminds one of a multi stacked subterranean Hopi Indian kiva. Although I believe that it's somewhat of a disservice to the Hopi to even be spoken of in association with a cave of horrors like the Dulce Base, its similarity in design should not be forgotten.

As cultures around the world tend to bring their own styles of architecture with them during periods of migration, so perhaps did the advanced civilization that original built Dulce Base. And, if the reptilian influence over man is as great as archaic documentation and myth would have one believe, then there have to be other subterranean dwellings similar to this in other locations.

If we locate another subsurface habitation similar in appearance to the Dulce base and linked it to a reptilian or snake legend, we will have obtained supporting evidence as to the reality of the Dulce facility and our reptilian overlords. In my personal quest to investigate and discover these connections, my journey led took me to the mystical land of the North American Indians. The Four Corners of the world.



In the southwestern region of the United States, specifically the four corners area of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, one can find remnants of the most ancient of all American Indian cultures. The Hopi Indian tribe.

The Hopi live out their fairly non progressive and ritualistic lives atop mesas on a reservation located in the north eastern portion of Arizona. They originated from the eastern part of the Grand Canyon and slowly migrated eastward to where they reside today. Surrounded by the progressive and formerly nomadic Navaho nation, they await the forthcoming Great Purification or, as many people call it, the day of Revelation.

The religion and myth of the Hopi Indian are based upon the worship of the snake. Their legend of Genesis also recounts how reptilians or snake people played an important part in their ancestry.

Today, the ancestors of the Hopi tribes are referred to as their Snake brothers or El-der brothers and their reverence towards their reptilian ancestors is evident throughout all ceremonies of the Hopi Indians. When their most sacred of all underground kiva rituals are performed, that of the Snake dance, rattlesnakes are present to hear their prayers. These snakes are then later released into the wilderness so as they can return to the gods of the Underworld with the tribes prayers.

According to Hopi myth, they used to live in a great subterranean underworld alongside a race of beings called the Ant people. These Ant people, which might by today's standards be considered grey aliens, helped feed and clothe the Hopi during their lives in the Underworld. One day, under the direction of their matriarchal Goddess Spider woman, they ascended to the surface by way of a hollowed bamboo shoot which sprung forth through an opening in the ceiling of their cave called the Sipapuni.

They say that soon after their arrival on the surface, a mocking bird came along and confused the language of the Hopi, the results of which encouraged them to break up into small clans of different languages. This is remarkably similar to the story of the Tower of Babel. One day soon there after, an exceedingly bright star, or star-ship, appeared above them in the sky. Believing it was a God, they followed it during itís journey across the sky. They did so until it stopped in one place. When it stopped, some of the Hopi remained and settled. When the star later appeared, the other Hopi followed it until it stopped once again. This continued until all the Hopi were settled. This is the Hopi description of the original planting of their race.

The myths of the Hopi Genesis would be considered, as others, based upon fantasy and imagination if it wasnít for one, solitary discovery that was made by a man traveling down the Colorado river aboard a skiff in the Grand Canyon almost ninety-five years ago. That mans name was Kincaid and his discovery was that of the Hopi Indian underworld or the Sipapuni.



On March 12th, 1909, a small article appeared in the Arizona Gazette newspaper announcing the arrival in of a man by the name of G.E. Kincaid, who had just completed a Colorado river rafting trip from Green River, Wyoming. He stated that he enjoyed his trip and planned on returning the following winter for another run at the Colorado River. He also mentioned his discovery of some "interesting artifacts" which he was mailing to the Smithsonian Institution.

Three weeks, three days later on April 5th, 1909, a front page article appeared in the Arizona Gazette (article attached to this report) in which Kincaid is interviewed in detail about his archaeological find. This discovery of Kincaids, as notably remarked in the article, was to be considered the most significant archaeological find in the world throughout all history.

As the article is quite long and detailed, I will only briefly repeat the most important facts concerning this discovery that will help us throw light upon our search.

Mr. Kincaid had apparently discovered a massive underground city that was cut into a wall of the Grand Canyon with the precision equaled only to that of the Great Pyramid. The highly advanced civilization that inhabited this subterranean city was of unknown origin, although several different artifacts were found, such as a Buddha, mummies and hieroglyphics, that were of Oriental, Egyptian and central American origin.

As the Smithsonian Institution archaeological team, spearheaded by a professor S.A. Jordan, continued their treks into the depths of this city, they discovered hundreds of rooms. Some rooms were as small as an average living room and others as large as several hundred feet in length and breadth. It was estimated that the area explored so far by the team could have comfortably housed fifty thousand people!

The location of this discovery was veiled in secrecy because, as Mr. Kincaid put it "They don't want to be disturbed." His only clues were that is was about 42 miles north of the Crystal creek. After the completion of his interview and the printing of this story the next day in the Arizona Gazette newspaper, not a single thing was ever mentioned about it again publicly until the original article resurfaced once again three years ago. So spin the wheels of secrecy and conspiracy.



Upon reviewing the article in detail, I was able to discern Three immensely important clues as to whom the occupants and their rulers may have been. The first clue has to do with the Sipapuniís builders or stone masons.

If there is an underground city in the Grand Canyon that is large enough to house fifty thousand people, as Kincaid would have us believe, then the engineering skills needed to construct such a underworld would have rivaled those used to create the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and the other highly engineered stone fortresses and temple platforms that are scattered across the Earth. Except for Kincaids remarks as to the antiquity of this underground citadel, he said that it appears to have been built many years previous to the Christian era. Could it have been built in the same era as was the Great Pyramid? Could it have been created by the same hands that built the other anomalous structures around the world?

These questions become even more intriguing when one realizes another absolutely fantastic "coincidence." It has been seriously speculated by many well-known researchers and archaeologists that the original great Pyramid may have been built under the direction of the Sumerian reptilian gods and by the labor of the first Mediterranean and world travelers called the Phoenicians. Is it just another coincidence that not far from this area of Arizona lies the great city if Phoenix and that the inhabitants refer to themselves as Phoenicians? Was this some strange coincidence or is it an occulted signature from those in the know?

The second clue is the fact that is that when Kincaid discovered the Sipapuni, he discovered a floor plan that was remarkable similar to that of the Dulce Base. In Kincaids own words that he describes the Sipapuni floor plan as having "a mammoth chamber from which radiates scores of passageways, like the spokes of a wheel." This is the same configuration as to that of Dulce Base, the underground facility that is reported to have been originally occupied by the reptilian being species.

The third, and most important, factor is that both underground worlds are associated with reptilian beings. Thomas Castello, the man claiming to have been a former security officer in the Dulce Base, said that the commanders of the nonhuman grey alien beings were humanoid reptilian creatures that were tall and had vertical slit pupils. The Hopi mythology and oral traditions, on the other hand, state that their EL-der brothers had snake forms and were the rulers of the underworld. These two perspectives are strikingly similar, with the only difference being that one is derived from history and the other from our present era.

In all, there exists a combination of three important elements that are apparently shared by both underground facilities or cities. One, they are both huge underground cities. Two, they both have a similar floor plan design and Three, they are both associated with reptilian overlords. Are these associations coincidental or are we beginning to reveal a pattern of some sort?

Most importantly, after three years of intense research and field explorations into the Grand Canyon area, I believe that I have finally located the Hopi Sipapuni underworld that G.E. Kincaid initially discovered in 1909. I have acquired physical evidence indicating anomalous activity occurring during that time period, new interpretations of an ancient Hopi prophecy supports the "story" of Kincaids discovery and I, and a close colleague of mine, have stood upon the same ground where Kincaid once stood in awe.

Evidence of this recent discovery has been relayed to several key people across the United States for security purposes. A more detailed report of this discovery is forthcoming and will be made available to the public in the very near future.



Various pieces of evidence accumulatively indicate a strong relationship between the human and reptilian species. Mytho-histories of aboriginal tribes across the world record their presence on the surface of the Earth. Underground cities that are reported to exist in the southwestern United States, such as Dulce base and the Hopi Indian Sipapuni, appear to have been constructed by reptilian beings, experiencer reports continue to describe contacts with nonhuman life forms that have a reptilian anatomy and the human brain reminds us of how the human race evolved from reptiles.. This reptiliform influence is more than just symbolism. It appears to be a manifested reality in our lives that refuses to disappear.

The reptilian beings are on Earth now, they always have been on this planet and, if we can overcome our inherent fear of the reptilian image and understand how it has been used against us, we will one day realize that, although we are physically different, we are from the same primordial essence.



I end this article with one last thing for you to think about and that is that as we near the end of the millennium, several prophecies appear to be becoming fulfilled. The most important one being witnessed in Mexico City which is built upon the ancient Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. It is here that during the solar eclipse in 1991, a gradually escalating wave of UFO sightings began and continue to this day. Could this signal, as once promised long ago, the return of the plumed feathered serpent God Quetzalcoatl? Time will tell.