The Reptoid Research Centers mission statement and primary objectives are to:

INVESTIGATE the accounts of individuals or groups claiming to have sighted or encountered any animal species described as bipedal, reptilian-humanoid ("Reptoid") or other reptilian cryptids, of various descriptions.

ENCOURAGE members of the scientific community to undertake an expansive search for other-than-human, intelligent life forms in Earth’s surface environment.

ACQUIRE, REVIEW and SHARE information pertaining to the search for reptoids (aka reptilians) and the various observable phenomena related to their activities.

REDIRECT the public’s search for intelligent "alien" life from outer space towards Earth’s more accessible, cavern-filled underworld, by offering consultant services to various electronic media, television, literature and film projects.

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No $tring$ Attached Policy
We are proud to say that our research center is a totally self-supported entity with absolutely no financial ties to any religious, government or educational institutions.

This financial independence permits us the center the rare freedom to study subjects without restraint or coercion from outside sources.

We accept donations from private individuals who support our research. Contributions go towards the cost of lab equipment, photo developing, the traveling expenses we incur during field investigations and the general cost of the Center operations. All donations, however, are accepted providing no personal expectations are attached.

Information Exchange
We encourage information exchange and appreciate receiving any data that could further the Center’s mission statement (as long as religious proselytizing, channeled information, foul language and/or explicit sexual references are left out of the conversation).