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You have entered the Reptoids Research Center's Video Market Place. Here is where you can find an extensive listing of films, videos and television shows that demonstrate our increasing fascination with dinosaurs, dragons and humanoid-reptilian, reptoid "alien" characters. Serious documentary and comedy are included for your review.

Each cited title contains a short description of the production (if available) and any notes of  relevance as they might apply to this subject of study.

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Film and Television Productions That Include Dinosaur, Dragon and Reptoid Characters. 
A continuing work in progress...  )

This listing is by no means complete. There may be films listed without a description. If you know of, or have a copy of, a production title that you believe should be included in this listing, please contact us and let us know...or Better Yet, send a copy of the production to us for our review and inclusion into the Reptoids Research Center archives. (Donated titles will appear with initial credit.)


Film Listings




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FANTASIA  (1940 & 2000)      







KING KONG (1933) 






PRIMITIVE MAN, THE  (AKA "Wars of the Primal Tribes.")    




>R.F.D. 10,000 B.C    
ROBOT MONSTER [ AKA the "Monster from Mars" ]   









This chronological listing demonstrates how dinosaurs, dragons and reptoids have become increasingly more popular characters within the television and motion picture industry since the beginning of the last century. 

(The list does not include hundreds of Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, NOVA, Animal Planet, etc.,  cable documentaries regarding reptiles that have been broadcast in recent years. Too numerous to list here.)

1900 - 1910
1910 - 1920
1920 - 1930
1930 - 1940

1940 - 1950


1950 - 1960
1960 - 1970
1970 - 1980

1980 - 1990

1990 - 2000

2000 - 2010


Each year, more and more films are added to this page. With each new addition we are more able to clearly witness the evolution of the dinosaur and other bipedal, reptilian-humanoid images as they have been presented to us by the media throughout the years. 

1900 - 1910'SSS.

The Primitive Man (a.k.a. Wars of the Primal Tribes) - Description N/A.

Gertie The Dinosaur - (Animated) - Description N/A.

Birth of a Flivver - Description N/A.

Gertie on Tour - (Animated) - Description N/A.

Morpheus Mike
- Description N/A.

R.F.D. 10,000 B.C
. - Description N/A.

The Dinosaur and the Missing Link - Description N/A.

Adam Raises Cain - Description N/A.

The Ghost of Slumber Mountain
- Description N/A.



The Three Ages -Buster Keaton takes us on a silent journey through three great ages (Stone, Roman, Modern) in search  of a mate. A scene in which Keaton is riding on top of a dinosaur is quite a sight!

The Lost World  - Starring: Bessie Love. Yes, the idea of Spielberg's was not original. Seventy years before his "Jurassic Park" made it's debut, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic tale of the same title was shown on screens across America. Wallace Beery plays a scientist who returns to the remote South African plateau where he had discovered a hidden jungle Eden filled with prehistoric creatures. Determined to introduce this discovery to the world, he returns to London with a captive brontosaurus, so he can verify his claimed discovery, whereupon the dinosaur rampage through the city and sends everyone running." Jeff



Creation - People are stranded on an island with dinosaurs. Film project unfinished.

King Kong - King Kong battles dinosaurs on his island.

Son of Kong - Live action film with stop action dinosaurs.

Secret of the Loch - Live action film with stop action dinosaurs.

Bringing Up Baby - A Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant comedy that includes a mounted dinosaur skeleton.

Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur - Cell animation movie.



- The animation epic of the century! Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" sequence includes dinosaurs. This beautifully imagined exploration into a world of music and animation. Featuring classical sounds and awesomely drawn characters that come to life before your very eyes. (Anthology)

One Million BC (a.k.a. Man and his Mate, The Cave Dwellers) - Description N/A.

The Arctic Giant - (Animated) - Description N/A.

Unknown Island - Dinosaurs in a strange land. Classic for sci-fi movie buffs. Mediocre animation. Plot elements good. Acting fair.



The Lost Volcano
- Description N/A.

Two Lost Worlds - Starring James Arness - (" Gunsmoke" Sheriff.) Set in the 1830's, a young James Arness (credited "James Aurness") is shipwrecked upon an island with giant Lizards and Pirates in pursuit.-

 Lost Continent - Cesar Romero plays a scientist on the hunt for a missing experimental rocket that is believed to have been lost on top of a remote mountain. After climbing to the top, they discover a prehistoric world inhabited by crude, play-doe dinosaurs and fake plants.

Robot Monster - Description N/A.

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms - Thawed out by an atomic test in the Arctic, the monster makes it way down the Atlantic seaboard, capsizing several boats on its way to some submerged canyons off NYC. Coming ashore in Lower Manhattan, it kills many people and wreaks destruction until it is finally destroyed by radioactive isotope shot into a wound while attacking the roller coaster at Coney Island ( it was actually filmed at Pacific
Ocean Park on the West Coast )."

King Dinosaur - Description N/A. 

The Beast of Hollow Mountain - A cattle rancher in Mexico discovers that a dinosaur is eating his herd. N/A

Godzilla, King of the Monsters - (Japanese) Starring: Inoshiro Honda, Raymond Burr.    

The Hideous Sun Demon - "Some yutz gets doused in gamma rays in his lab, letting a virus infect his blood, and now whenever he goes out in the SUN it turns him into some nutty, crazy, hideous sun demon [A Demonic REPTILIAN humanoid.] Now every time the guy turns into the creature he, for some reason, runs around, and accidentally kills stuff, both animals and people. Now he's not only a hideous sun demon, but also a WANTED, hideous sun demon. With hideous acting and a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like, the Hideous Sun Demon is everything you could want in a movie." (TAL)  

The Land Unknown - Description N/A.

Teenage Caveman - Description N/A.

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Starring: Pat Boone and James Mason. - Description N/A. 

The Giant Behemoth - Description N/A.



Dinosaurus! -  Curiously interesting and humorous movie about two dinosaurs that get accidentally unearthed on an isolated tropical island with cavemen living on it.

The Lost World - Starring: Bessie Love - Description N/A.

Gorgo - Starring: Bill Travers - Description N/A.

Valley of the Dragons - Description N/A.

Reptilicus - The tail of a dinosaur is discovered in the Arctic permafrost and is taken to Copenhagen. It begins to defrost and regenerates into a living creature bent on a rampage. Horrid special effects.

Adventures At The Center Of The Earth - Description N/A.

Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet - Starring: Basil Rathbone.

Journey to the Beginning of Time (1966) - Description N/A.

Sound of Horror (1965/66) - Description N/A.

The Reptile - Chilling flick about a girl that has the power to change into a snake. pic

Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1965/66) - Description N/A.

Journey to the Center of Time (a.k.a. Time Warp) - Starring: Scott Brady

One Million Years B.C. - Raquel Welch runs amongst the rocks, towering dinosaurs and rugged men of the caves. What more can a critic say about what to expect from this classical 60's beautiful Softskin-Meets-Scales movie.

Island of the Lost - Description N/A.

Snake People, The - Starring Boris Karloff, Julissa, Carlos East, Rafael Bertrand, Judy Carmichael and "Tongolee." Directors Juan Ibanez and Jack Hill. Story by Jack Hill. Azteca Productions-Columbia.  Description N/A.

The Valley of Gwangi - Starring: James Franciscus, A cowboy bent on getting his fame and fortune from capturing a dinosaur kicks up dust in this strange mix.

H.R. PUFnSTUF - The original psychedelic children's show from the 1960's that was about a boy, who slips into another dimension, and has weekly adventures in a very strange land (that McDonald's eventually lost a law suit to the Kroftt brothers for 'borrowing' their set design as a model for McDonald Land. Was Mayor McCheese a symbolic representation of H.R. PUFnSTUF, the bipedal Dragon-Sauroid?) 



When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth - Description N/A.

Gargoyles - Cornel Wilde stars as an anthropologist who takes a trip with his daughter, Dianna,  to Mexico. On the way, they discover an unusual skeleton at an unusual curio shop way out in the desert. This eventually leads them to encounter a race of reptilian humanoids called the "Gargoyles" that are living underground. Conflict arises and the reptilians plans to rule again are thwarted.  

Vampire Men of the Lost Planet
- Description N/A.

-A well-executed horror tale of doctor who finds a way of transforming man into King Cobra. Exceptional job by makeup master John Chambers."

Land of the Lost 3 & 4 (1974-78, NBC-TV)]    (TwinPak) - A Children's series about a family who travels back in time to a saurian dominated land where the villains are an aggressive reptilian-humanoid race. One of the most interesting children's shows that have reptilian-humanoid characters. The family's mission is to adapt to their new (ancient) world and to survive the periodic attacks by the reptilian villains called the "Sleestak" and various dinosaurs. In one particular episode, a reptilian humanoid alien, named "Zarn", arrives on the scene to study humans that radiate "emotional heat"...much like experiencers reports stating that the reptilian aliens appear to enjoy their emotionally heightened state and may even find it nourishing. A Children's series about a family who travels back in time to a saurian dominated land where the villains are an aggressive reptilian-humanoid race. One of the most interesting children's shows that have reptilian-humanoid characters. The family's mission is to adapt to their new (ancient) world and to survive the periodic attacks by the reptilian villains called the "Sleestak" and various dinosaurs. In one particular episode, a reptilian humanoid alien, named "Zarn", arrives on the scene to study humans that radiate "emotional heat"...much like experiencers reports stating that the reptilian aliens appear to enjoy their emotionally heightened state and may even find it nourishing.
Episode Note -"The Stranger"--A stranger appears claiming to be a forefather of the Sleestacks and fights the Marshall family over the Majetti (a dimension mechanism) that will return them to their own time. In the end, Rick gives the key to someone who needs it more. "Tag Team"--Holly and Will are saved from an attack by a T-Rex and an allosaur.

Valley of the Dinosaurs (1974-76, CBS-TV)] - Description N/A.

Dr. Who and the Selurians
  - Description N/A.  

The Land That Time Forgot - Starring: Doug McClure - Description N/A.

At The Earth's Core - Starring Doug McClure, Peter Cushing et al. Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs's novel. A Victorian age scientist invents a large tunnel boring machine and burrows deep into the Earth's center to a mysterious cavern world. He and his crew discover ancient Draco like beings that govern a subhuman race. Conflict ensues and their escape to the surface follows.

The Crater Lake Monster - Description N/A.

The Last Dinosaur (Made for TV) Starring: Richard Boone. - Description N/A.

Planet of Dinosaurs (a.k.a. Planet of the Dinosaurs) - Description N/A.

Where Time Began - Description N/A.



- Starring: Ringo Starr - Description N/A.

The Asteroid and the Dinosaur - Scientists explain the Asteroid-Earth impact theory and it's effects on the dinosaurs. - N/A

Conan: The Barbarian - Conan, Arnold Swatzenager, battles the evil high priest, James Earl Jones. In the final scene, the priest shows his real form in that of a humanlike cobra monster. Great EFX!  

Legend of the Dinosaurs - (Japanese) - Description N/A.

The Winged Serpent - Starring: David Carradine. - Description N/A. 

Attack of the Super Monsters - A small group of prehistoric saurian monsters that are living underground devise a plot to ruin surface humanity.

Dreamscape - Starring Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Eddie Albert, Kate Capshaw and George Wendt. A psychic (Dennis Quaid) avoids using his powers to live a normal life. An old colleague conducting "Dreamlinking" research (projecting one's consciousness into another persons dream) gets Quaid to participate. Another psychic participant begins to murder people through their dreams. Quaid fights the murdering psychic in the Presidents dream. As they battle, the murderer assumes the shape of a humanoid-reptilian, attacking Quaid with extreme ferocity. 

The Last Starfighter
- Starring Lance Guest and Robert Preston ("Victor Victoria" etc.)  A young man is recruited into space combat by a reptilian-humanoid that lands a space ship outside his trailer park home. He accepts his role as a "Starfighter" pilot and becomes good friends with his reptilian-humanoid captor. Great makeup, special effects and message of species unity for a global purpose.   

V: The Original TV Mini-Series - One of the most outstanding of all sci-fi television series regarding a race of reptilian "aliens" that arrive on Earth disguised as humanoids. The "Visitors" (Hence "V")  manipulate the world's leaders into accepting their presence despite renegade human resistance groups trying to expose their ultimate plan of stealing Earths water and humans for food.

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend - - Disney film about a female paleontologist and her sportswriter husband risk death to reunite a small brontosaurus dinosaur with it's mother. Campy!

Enemy Mine -Starring Dennis Quaid and Louis Gosset Jr. The motion picture, depicts a reptilian and earth human as enemies, drawn together by mutual survival. A strong emphasis is placed on the human characters determination to examine the reptilian "aliens" ancestry, culture and his own ability to transcend fear and hatred of the unknown. Although different in physiology, the human and reptilian characters discover that their religious beliefs are linked by commonalties. The film also touches upon the androgynous physical characteristics of the humanoid-reptilians when the "Drac" gives birth to a child. The promotional poster for the films says it best... "Enemies because they were taught to be....Allies because they had to be, Brothers because they dared to be" This film is must see! Enemy Mine. 

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley - Description N/A.

Labyrinth -  A girl chases the goblins who kidnapped her younger brother while babysitting him. She enters an M.C. Escher-esque world and climbs towards a mountaintop castle in order to retrieve her brother from the evil king, rocker David Bowie. Great soundtrack. NEEDS REPTILIAN NOTE

Ganjasaurus Rex - Description N/A.

G.I. Joe (1987) The G.I. Joe force faces their gravest mission as they fight to save the Earth from total destruction at the hands of the evil creator of the Cobra Organization. Don Johnson and Burgess Meredith lend their voices to this action-packed film.

Age of Dinosaurs - Children's series about dinosaurs. Great for introducing the little one to the Big One's of the past.

Terror Within - Starring Andrew Stevens.

The Land Before Time: -  Starring Gabriel Damon, Pat Hingle. Animated. An orphaned young dinosaur named Littlefoot, escapes the plague by journeying through the post apocalyptic landscape to the paradise of the Great Valley. Along the way he encounters and befriends other dinosaur species. Message here: Dinosaurs Escape Extinction By Traveling Through Caverns to a Hidden Ecosystem.

They Live!  - A
liens in disguise aim to control humans through inducing a state of mindless consumerism.liens in disguise aim to control humans through inducing a state of mindless consumerism.

Son of Dinosaurs - Description N/A.



Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie - The highly successful television-film series relates amphibian/reptilian fighters of crime and injustice to the Sumerian/Anunaki enforcers of draconian (dragon) law. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

 Adventures in Dinosaur City - Modern day teenager siblings are transported back in time and end up solving crimes with their prehistoric dinosaur-humanoid TV character friends. Great family fun movie.

Dinosaur Babes - Description N/A.

Dinosaur! - Birth of Legend / Tale of An Egg - Walter Cronkite, narrates this highly educational production taking the viewer from the discovery to the display of dinosaur fossils. Great show.

Dinosaurs - (1991-1994) Children's television show depicting a lovable prehistoric working class family of dinosaurs faced with ordinary social issues. The Sinclair family members are Earl, the 44 years old Megalosaurus, blue collar father who works at the tree pushing Wesayso Development Corp.; Fran, Earl's common sense Allosaurus wife; Robbie, the 15 year old non-authoritarian adolescent; Charlene, Robbie's two and a half ton "I wanna be a material girl" sister; and Baby, the boisterous terrible two year old dino-baby. Together in their cave-home, they live, love and learn what life is all about. Children are taught that little, if any, differences may exist between human and reptilians. 

Terror Within II - Starring: Andrew Stevens - Description N/A.

Galaxy of the Dinosaurs  - Description N/A.

The Lost World - "In 1912, an expedition journeys to an African plateau where dinosaurs still live. Rhys - Davies as Professor Challenger and Warner as his rival are good, but others in the too-large cast are amateurish, and the dinosaurs are not only badly done, but extremely scarce. A cheap, insignificant version of Conan Doyle's wonderful novel, which still deserves a lavish remake. Sequel, RETURN TO THE LOST WORLD (1994)" 

Carnosaur - Before Jurassic Park, there was "Carnosaur" A Roger Coreman B-grade movie about a biological warfare geneticist (Dianne Ladd) who develops a giant meat eating lizard by mixing ancient DNA with poultry genes. Bent on enlarging her reptilian brood, she spreads her genetic virus through store bought chicken eggs and has unsuspecting women become human incubators for her scaly offspring. 

Dinosaur Island - Starring: Ross Hagen - Description N/A.

Jurassic Park and Lost World - Producer/Screenwriter Steven Speilberg resurrects dinosaurs from the dead and presents the human race with an "impossible" dinosaurs! Somewhere on a remote and secret island, scientists capture and regenerate saurian DNA and create a tropical wilderness filled with various out of control and hungry dinosaurs. The film with the arrival of another dinosaur bent on killing (and eating) the two saurian creatures that were terrorizing the human heroes. 

Prehysteria - Starring: Brett Cullen - Description N/A. 

Super Mario Brothers
- Starring: Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo. Film begins "What if the dinosaurs weren't all destroyed? What if the impact of that meteorite created a parallel dimension where the dinosaurs continued to thrive and evolve into intelligent, vicious, aggressive beings, just like us? And hey, what if they found a way back?" The films heroes venture into an underground passageway where they "fall" into that other realm, battle the evolved humanoid dinosaurs and prevent the imminent saurian invasion of our dimension. NA

We're Back A Dinosaur's Story - A Steven Speilberg produced video animation production about bipedal, speaking dinosaurs that befriend two children and teach them how to be respectable and honest. Scenes include: A gecko-like E.T. taking a primitive T-Rex into his spaceship, endowing it with intelligence, traveling forward in time and depositing the intelligent REX on present day Earth. Amongst the many delightfull scenes is one in which children, watching a parade containing REX and his talking dinosaur friends (appearing as balloon-floats,) repeatedly wish out loud that the sauroid characters were real. The most significant message can be seen in the film's closing scene. A grandmother, looks out the night time window up into the stars and tells the children "Have your dreams of this beautiful world and tomorrow you’ll begin to fulfill the wishes of many children. We will make believe you're statues. Adults will wait outside as you reveal the miracle of yourselves to the youth. It will be very good. It will be very good indeed." Playtime for children or Prophecy for all...? We're Back-A Dinosaur's Story

 Babylon 5
- A television sci-fi series, emphasizes the unity between the warrior humans and the humanoid-reptilian "NARNS" in an effort to fight mutual enemies.

Carnosaur 2 - Starring: John Savage. - Description N/A.  

Cave Girl Island - Description N/A.

Clifford - Martin Short, Charles Grodin, Dabney Coleman and Mary Steenburgen. Martin plays a 10 year old boy who terrorizes his uncle, Charles Grodin, when plans to visit "Dinosaur World" fall through. Good comedy illustrating a child's insatiable desire to play with the dinosaurs.

Dinosaucers - First Snow/Frozen Fur Balls ;  Hooray for Hollywood/Divide and Conquer ; Take Us Out to the Ball Game/Monday Night Football ; Dinosaur Valley/Carnivore in Rio

Flintstones -  Children have been fascinated and amused for years with the antics of Fred Flintstone and his neighbor / side-kick Barney Rubble. Dinosaurs abound in this legendary cartoon series. "Dino," the adorable, energetic and bouncy family pet is a featured cast member and long necked dinosaurs are used as cranes at Fred's demolition work site. Click on this VHS icon to review more about the movie version of the series.

Oblivion - In this science-fiction meets western movie,  the son of a murdered sheriff comes back to the desert town of Oblivion in 3033 AD to take revenge on the reptilian alien who killed his father. Sequel: 'Backlash: Oblivion 2.' 

Prehysteria II - Starring: Kevin R. Connors. - Description N/A.

Return To The Lost World - Starring: John Rhys-Davies. Sequel to "Lost World" 1992.  - Description N/A.

- Description N/A.

Stargate - Starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. This movie linked ancient Egyptian mysteries, pyramids, slavery, time-space travel and the return of, and conflict with, a reptilian God/alien to a planet where it once ruled. (The true image of the alien can be seen as his skin is peeled away in the last scene.)

Tammy and the T-Rex
- When a young teenager turns into a T-Rex, he has trouble getting his girlfriend to go out with him on dates. He may be unpopular with the girls, but he's a hit with the local scientists. Poor. N/A

America's Dinosaur Parks
- Description N/A.

Carnosaur 2 - As many people say when they see this movie, it's a rip off of the James Cameron "Aliens" plot, but is definately worth a look. Things go wrong in a government facility. A rescue team goes in to save the one lone survivor. Dinosaurs look great, but he acting is truly stiff.

Mutant League - Description N/A.

Prehysteria III - Starring: Fred Willard. - Description N/A.

The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure - (Animated) - Description N/A.

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving - (Animated)- Description N/A.

Theodore Rex - Starring Whoopie Goldberg and a seven foot tall, upright walking, talking Dino-Sauroid. Whoopie and the sauroid work side by side against crime and injustice. At the end of the film there is a scene in which an audience is told "Soft-skin, scale, tell us that they are only words that keep us apart. Our survival rests in all species treating each other with compassion, kindness and respect." Following this, the Sauroid character tells his Whoopie Goldberg "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" and the words "SEE YA" are seen fading slowly to black.  

- The purple saurian host of a highly successful and aggressively marketed series of educational shows for children. He is the trusting and friendly reptilian giver of knowledge to the innocent. This could be perceived as an attempt to counter the association of "evil" with the image of the reptilian angel/being Satan-Enki in the garden of Eden.  

Carnosaur 3: Primal Species - Reviewers hate the film and blast the actors, make-up, set designs, plot, direction. It might be worth getting just to say we've see how bad things can get!    

- Starring Dennis Quaid and the voice of Sean Connery as the dragon, echoes this same sentiment. The film ends with the hero gazing towards the stars where the dragon is reunited with his kind. 

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists - (Animated) - Description N/A.

Carnosaur 3: Primal Species - Collector's Set - - Description N/A.

Dinosaur Valley Girls - Description N/A.

Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell - Description N/A.

Pterodactyl Woman From Beverly Hills - Description N/A.

Stargate: SG 1  - This 'ShowTime' series, continues this reptilian theme by presenting the malevolent aliens wearing armor shells of cobras with striking pose and being "serpent-like" in their cold blooded aggression towards the human Stargate travelers. The masters of these human "hosts" are the serpents living within them. Serpentine images abound within the series scenery.  

The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island - (Animated) - Description N/A.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park - In this Jurassic Park sequel,  Spielberg echoes the Dinotopian "World Beneath" theme in which a lost ecological niche is discovered in which dinosaurs live. In their "terrible Lizard" ways, a captive T-Rex breaks from his captors and terrorizes a metropolis. In the end of the film, the saurian young are used as bait to lure the dinosaurs back to the ship and to their eventual destruction. (NOTE: Just as the lost "V" series depict, both film portray the humans as being threatened by one form of reptilian life and saved by another.) Jurassic Park   

Barney - Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie - Description N/A.  

Godzilla - Starring Matthew Broderick. Radiation poisoning causes a dormant ocean living bipedal dinosaur to rampage throughout New York city. During the raucous, Godzilla is discovered to be pregnant and soon becomes the mother of several hundred offspring that are hungry for anything in their path. Godzilla: The Album CD SOUNDTRACK 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World - Description N/A.

Land Before Time VI, The - The Secret of Saurus Rock

T-Rex - Back to the Cretaceous - 3D IMAX N/A

Dinosaur - The finest animation of this century brings to life a story about a young dinosaur who befriends a small group of Lemurs and other dinosaurs during his escape to "Dinosaur Valley." The young dinosaur challenges the authority of the male bull leader and wins the loyalty of the pack when he delivers them, through a concealed underground cavern system, to their legendary "Dinosaur Valley" (A pristine ecosystem tucked away in a mysterious place.) Here they survive the extinction and live happily ever after.

National Geographic's Dinosaur Giants: Found - Follow three paleontologists in their own episodes as they discover new dinosaurs, search for dinosaur eggs and reconstruct the famous T-Rex, Sue.



Dungeons And Dragons - Poorly acted film, but has great flying dragon scenes..

The Land Before Time VII - The Stone of Cold Fire - Description N/A.

Walking With Dinosaurs -  One of the finest documentaries regarding dinosaurs ever made. Ultra sophisticated animation techniques allow viewers to see dinosaurs come to life. Watch them mate, fight, raise their young and partake in other dinosaur activities in a historically accurate reproduction of a Mesozoic environment.

Dinotopia - Two brothers and their father crash their airplane into the ocean during a violent storm. The brothers awaken on a beach to find their father missing. They soon discover that they are new arrivals at a lost utopian world inhabited by the descendants of ancient sailors and an evolved race of dinosaurs, some of which are bipedal, intelligent and can talk. The surface of this lost world is in danger of invasion by the high flying pterosaurs should their supply of light stones run out. They manage to save the day by retrieving stones from a forbidden underground zone, where half human - half reptile statues (representing former races) and watery beasts guard a cache of them. This is a great 'warm and fuzzy' movie for young children. 

Each year, more films are added to this page providing us a window through which we can witness our historical fascination with dinosaurs, reptoids and sauroid beings in film and television. If you can contribute to this list, we would appreciate hearing from you. Email us