Montana Cattle Mutilations
Are Intelligent, Non-Human Beings, Plasma Entities or a Rogue Group of Human Scientists,
Leaving Behind Clues to the Source of a Future Bio-Hazard?

Is it simply coincidental that the majority of cattle mutilations in Montana are taking place downstream or downwind from pig or chicken farming operations?

Could these secretive bovine surgical operatives be testing cattle for pathogens originating from animal feedlots?

Are these cow carcasses being left behind, almost on display, so our attention will be drawn toward clues indicating the source of an impending biological hazard that could kill millions of people across America?

Well, according to recent discoveries, it appears that just might be the case . . . . .


After carefully plotting out the physical locations of cattle mutilations that have taken place since the mid 1970's, in his investigations into the Montana cattle mutilations, John Rhodes noticed something quite odd. A pattern had emerged.

After plotting out the 100+ mutilations in Montana on a chart, it appeared that the majority of the mute sites were located in a linear path from the northwest to the southeast. This alignment happens to be the same general direction of the prevailing wind flows across the state of Montana.

The similarity in the distribution of mutilation sites and the direction of wind flow direction suggested to Rhodes that the cattle mutilations were, in some way, connected to airborne particles.

Since a pattern of mutilation activity overlaid with the general direction of the wind, the area at the leading edge (point of origin) of wind flow was carefully scrutinized for a possible source of an airborne contamination. This inspection directed John's attention to the small rural ranching community of  Valier, MT. Population: 469 (2006).

Besides ranching businesses, the only industry that could be the source of any kind of contamination in this area are the pig and chicken feeding operations operated by the Germanic Hutterite communities. (Click Images on Left).


Fecal Irrigation and BioContamination
Ranchers and farmers in the area of Valier and Depury constantly complain about having to put up with the extremely foul odors streaming off the pig operations. It is truly a disgusting stench!

You might ask at this point what bad odors have to do with the mutilations? Well . . .

It has been reported by locals that the pig and chicken farms in and around the area of Valier have been taking the pig and chicken feces and mixing with with water to irrigate their fields. This  fecal contaminated water, said to be good nutrient for crops, however, does not always stay on the field.

As many of us know, you don't have to be a student of atmospheric physics to know that odors are really microscopic airborne particles. If fields are irrigated during days of high winds or gusts, particulate contamination can be carried in the air for many miles, only to be deposited on crops, and in the air we breath downwind. 

During heavy rains or snow melt, the fecal nutrient is also washed down slope. If the water is not contained or diverted away from nearby streams, or prevented from entering the below ground water table, a biological hazard could exist. 

Mute Area Not Downwind Connected By Creek
One of the only mutilation activity areas not downwind from the Pig and Chicken farms is the town of Depuyer, situated southwest of Valier.  At first this activity location appeared to counter the wind dispersion hypothesis, but it soon became clear that there was another, more important connection - a major creek. 

There just so happens to be a large pig farm located just off the side of Depuyer creek. That creek, which is connected to Lake Francis in Valier, feeds water directly south to the town of Depuyer!  If fecal irrigated water enters the Depuyer creek, the area of Depuyer itself and the surrounding cattle operations are at risk of a fecal contamination.

At this point you might be asking why pig fecal matter is a danger to humans? That leads us to MRSA.

Recent studies of animal farms in Europe and Canada have revealed that pig feeding operations are breeding grounds for Farm Animal MRSA.

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is an extremely deadly form of bacteria that is highly resistant to antibiotic treatment. What most people are unaware of is that MRSA is like a silent plague in the U.S.

In fact,  a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that, in the United States - the anti-bacteriologic infection MRSA kills more people than HIV and AIDS - 19,000 a year!

(Read the full report Vol. 298 No. 15, October 17, 2007)


New Study Sheds New Light On Pig Farms And MRSA Bacteria Transmission
| November 15, 2007 | AHN

The CDC report also contends that pig farm workers, their families, pets and even their surrounding communities are at risk of acquiring this deadly bacteria.


Below is a really great chart that shows how
Farm Animal MRSA can be easily transmitted to humans.


Farm-animal MRSA one type of MRSA that is gaining attention world-wide.

The Soil Association, England's leading campaigning and certification organization for organic food and farming, has reported that MRSA is rapidly spreading throughout Europe. Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Canada have also reported discovering farm-animal MRSA in their pig and cattle populations.  (Sources: )
Read England's Soil Association Report that details the discovery of deadly strains of MRSA in pig and cattle farming operations. The report also addresses the World Health Organization's efforts to ban
the use of antibiotics in animal feeding operations around the world.

(FYI: The U.S. refuses to test meat for MRSA !!!)



Pigs appear to be the primary carriers of farm-animal MRSA. While pigs may not have infections themselves, the MRSA they carry may have the potential to be transmitted to humans. Two studies in area recently discovered that ST398, the deadly strain of MRSA, has infected 25-50% of pig farmers. In one Dutch pig farm region, over 80% of pig farmers were tested positive for MRSA.

In the Netherlands, it has been discovered that 39% of pigs have MRSA colonized on the skin, in the nose and/or in their intestines. Intestinal waste is a perfect breeding ground for farm-animal MRSA. Horses, Chickens and Cattle can also be infected.

As the farming industry grows, more and more animal feeding operations are setting up business in Montana. In numerous Animal Feeding Operations (AFO's), such those in the Montana northwest, fecal waste from pigs or chickens is often mixed with irrigation water and spread into the air over fields surrounding the farms as a form of nutrient for crops. Irrigating farms with fecal waste may help spread the deadly ST398 form of MRSA into nearby streams, lakes and on agricultural croplands. This form of waste irrigation can, not only cause nauseous odors downwind from the facilities, but it can possibly lead to health problems for citizens of Montana.

According to an Environmental Protection Agency document, pathogens can be introduced into nearby communities through crop and water table contamination and/or breathing air containing invisible particulate animal fecal matter. (Click here to read the EPA's Comprehensive 185 Page Report detailing Animal Feeding Operations and the Dangers of Fecal Waste Irrigation).


Believe it or not, America's multi-billion-dollar cattle and pig livestock industry is attempting to get the EPA to allow them to release large amounts of pathogenic substances, such as animal feeding operation fecal waste, into the air without notifying the authorities!  To learn more about his proposed EPA action, download and read this short PDF file.

Despite the EPA's own report detailing how spraying fecal waste into the air can lead to deadly diseases in farm workers, their families, pets and neighbors, they may cave in to big business EPA actions like this are not aggressively opposed.

The livestock industry claims that reporting the release of fecal waste into the air we breathe is burdensome and costly. While we understand corporation's love affair with profit, time taken for a clerk to file a hazardous material report is truly worth every second of effort. By allowing the reporting procedures to end, there is no way for authorities to determine conclusively which animal feeding operations may have released toxic and deadly substances downwind from their animal feeding operations....should it ever happen.

Could Aliens, Inner-Earth Entities or a Fifth Column group of concerned scientists have been leaving mutilated cattle behind in Montana since the mid 1970's so we would research and possibly discover a truth that the Draconian Corporate CEO's don't want us find out about? HELP THESE BEINGS HELP US !

If someone using highly sophisticated surgical field equipment is trying to lead us into a mystery  

PLEASE keep the air we breathe
and the water we drink and enjoy for recreation
from being poisoned by these EVIL corporate

Please voice your comments of opposition to any EPA ruling that allows unregulated and unreported crop fecal irrigation.