John Rhodes
Brief Biography

John Rhodes is the world's foremost authority on Reptilian-Humanoids, or Reptilian Aliens. His pioneering work investigating claims of reptilian alien contact eventually resulted in the birth of an entirely new genre of study in the UFO community.

 In addition to researching evidence of Reptilian-Humanoid activity, John has assisted law enforcement officials in Cattle Mutilation cases. John's 2006 and 2007 Montana cattle mutilation investigations led him to conclude the that the mutilation "surgeons" were attempting to direct the public's attention to the dangers of MRSA-like Pathenogenic Diseases spreading from Pig Feeding Operations.

John's Highly Controversial Perspectives have provided audiences with an Entirely New View into the World of Cryptozoology, UFO's, Underground Bases, Extraterrestrial Life and. . . Inner-Terrestrial Civilizations.

He has lectured both in the US and internationally. He has also appeared on TV shows, including MonsterQuest, The Conspiracy Zone, BBC Conspiracies, Animal-X, Unsolved Mysteries, and most recently on the History Channel's "UFO Hunters" in shows discussing the Dulce Base, America's Secret Underground Tube-Shuttle System, and the MIB.

John Rhodes currently resides near Mariposa-Midpines CA, just south of the Yosemite National Park.