Professional Consultant Services
CryptoHunter - John Rhodes

Mr. Rhodes has provided years of creative and technical support to producers involved in artistic projects (Film, TV, Commercials, Documentary, Multi-Media,  or Live Stage Events).

His unique insight into Herpetological (Study of Reptiles), Secret Underground Bases, Cryptozoology (unknown animals), Cattle Mutilations, and Science Fiction subject matter, has been incorporated into numerous TV shows, such as:

The Conspiracy Zone
(TNN [now spiketv] )

( BBC TV & Clear Cut Pictures, UK. )

Unsolved Mysteries
(Cosgrove-Meurer Productions)

Strange Universe
(Rhysher Entertainment)

John is currently available to assist companies in producing events, including, but not limited to:

  • The Arranging of Live or Recorded Events, such as Film, TV or Stage Productions

  • Assisting in the Selection and Acquisition of Presenters for Meetings or Recorded Events

  • High Definition Video Recording, Full HD Editing Services, and Post Production

  • Publishing of Print, Multimedia and Other Educational or Entertainment Projects