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Welcome to the Reptoids Research Center's Market Place. In the following three sections you will find items that are relevant to the topic of study at this site. Browse our isles to find that certain "must have" for your video, literary or music library.

Our VIDEO section includes an extensive list of movies and television shows that include reptilian humanoid characters or dinosaurs. Each cited production title contains a short description of the production and any notes of relevance.  (Some Dinosaur related films are included)

The BOOK section (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) includes some of titles that can be used as reference materials should you want to continue your journey of discovery into the Evolved Reptoid "Alien" Hypothesis.  Although the majority are of scientific nature, metaphysical books are also included. (Sorry, some materials may not be available due to their rarity).

Our AUDIO  section (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) includes titles that might be heard playing in the Reptoids Research Center from time to time. The listing includes musical and narrative selections. Feel the vibrations of soul resonating Central American or Celtic themed music while you relax or meditate. Bring about the wisdom of which you are in search through learning from narrative instructional or audio documentaries.  Open a doorway of perception towards peace of mind and body through the healing sounds of music.

For your personal review of these titles, links are provided for immediate purchase of the any Audio CD, Video and Book of your choice through the secure server. .


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