Welcome to the Reptoids Research Center's Classic Article page. We are presenting visitors with a selection of articles published by Mr. Rhodes during the 1990's. 

These articles contain material that has been repeated throughout the internet and served as fuel to numerous conspiracy theories.  The Reptoids Research Center and associated staff members are not responsible for the opinions expressed in other sites that have included this material.

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Human-Reptilian Connection, 1994 - Covers the Ancient Reptilian Gods of Eden, the Manipulators, Human-Reptilian Physical Connections, The Underworld, Dulce, The Hopi Elder Snake-Brothers, and an Intro to John Rhodes' Search for the 1909 Lost Grand Canyon Underground City.

Antarctica: Subsurface Pre-Adaptation, 1995 - John Rhodes explores how terrestrial Reptilian-Humanoid "Reptoid" life forms could have evolved in ancient Antarctica.

Psychological Preparation Via Media Influence, 1996 - An all time favorite of many John Rhodes audiences. In this article he demonstrates the media trend toward Reptilian-Humanoid characters in sci-fi and children's television animation series and literature.     

Origins, 1997 - A brief extrapolation pertaining to the possible origins of the Reptilian-Humanoid species.

Jung's Ring And Serpent ID-Entities, 1997 - Carl Jung,  pioneer in the field of human psychology, wore an interesting ring. When questioned about it during an interview, Carl explained that he recognizes the symbol of a serpent as Christ.  Learn more about the serpent influence on religion and our own inherent reptilian-human nature.

 Solar Cycle 23: A Warning, 1997 - In advance of solar cycle 23, John Rhodes presents data demonstrating the possibility that rogue solar storms will dominate the cycle. (This later turned out to be true. Scientist now say that the peak of Solar Cycle 24, due 2011 or 2012, will be 50% more intense! What kind of event are we headed toward? What if the UFO's over Mexico City during the total solar eclipse of June 11, 1991 were also observing the sun? Do THEY know what surface humanity has in store?

Dulce Base: Where it All Began, 1996 - Read the story of Thomas Castello, the security officer assigned t o a secret underground base outside Dulce, NM.  A frightening account of how one man escaped the grip of an evil Black Operations Genetic Lab, the Reptoids and corporate medical-mercenaries that operated it.